Why the private rental sector is key to young professionals in Leeds

  Now more than ever the Privately Rented Sector (PRS) is growing in cities throughout the country, and Leeds is no different. Throughout the city, the privately rented sector is offering young professionals and the newly graduated the opportunity to enjoy rich and active lifestyles without the strains of looking after a burdensome mortgage. But […]

Top tips for saving money as a young professional

With fast paced and eventful lifestyles the norm, there’s no doubt that saving money as a young professional is a priority. With that in mind however, it can be very hard, especially when Leeds supplies so much culture and entertainment. So, how can you save money while renting in Leeds? Voucher deals If you’re looking […]

The spectacular advantages of house shares

When the time comes for graduating university, an option that many people tend to take is to stay and work in the city where they studied. Although some people do go home after they have finished their studies, now more than ever graduates are able to find good jobs and roles throughout the city and […]

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