6 Rooms - PROFESSIONAL HOUSESHARE - Moorfield Lodge

This big old house can seem a bit of a maze at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. It boasts 2 Kitchens, plenty of toilets/ bathrooms and a ... Read More

huge living room.


The rooms are so spacious that they would comfortably suit a young working professional couple. Because of the size of this place, if you want to keep yourself to yourself, then you can do!


Rents from £395 fully inclusive up to £480 for a sharing couple. Room sizes vary.


Headingley is a popular student area, with plenty of amenities, supermarkets, restaurants (Cheeky Nandos anyone?), take outs, Bars and home to the famous Otley Run.


It is just down the road from Leeds’ oldest cinema, showing the latest films at a reasonable price. They even come down the aisle selling ice cream before the film starts!

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£395.00 PCM
11      3     
£260.00 deposit
01/01 available now
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26-30 North Lane