Several utilities providers supply energy to the Far Headingley area. Websites such as uSwitch, Compare the Market and Money Supermarket can help you ensure that you get the best value for your money.  

When designing your homes at Spinning Acres, we gave special attention to their sustainability and how we could minimise running costs. All properties have been developed with energy efficiency in mind using SAPs (Standard Assessment Procedure). SAP calculations involve the measuring of all thermal elements (the building fabric) and take account of the most frequently heated area of the house – usually the living room. Your home has therefore been designed to be as airtight and as environmentally neutral as possible.

While Pickard Properties will ensure that your home is maintained all year around and your appliances run smoothly, it is your responsibility as a tenant to take regular meter readings and keep on top of your bill payments.


Yorkshire Water is the local water provider. For any advice about billing, saving on your water bill by using your water butt, or anticipated works to water mains, for example, you can call Yorkshire Water and request a free call back.


Phone:  0345 1242424

Electricity & Gas

Eon is currently the supplier for your property.


Phone: 0345 052 0000

energy meter

paying utility bill


Virgin fibre option cables have been laid to the properties at Spinning Acres.


Phone: 0800 064 3834

Here are some useful links if you wish to change suppliers.