First Year Student Accommodation

Finding a place to live for first year

If you have obtained university place through Ucas Clearing, it might be tempting to sit back and relax. However, there’s still one more hurdle to cross before you can completely chill out: securing somewhere to live.

If you have just secured yourself a place at university this year, your biggest worry now is finding a place to live for first year. Get yourself organised, draw up a list of basic and reasonable requirements, set yourself a budget and try to discuss it with your parents before launching headlong into a search, or committing to that luxury studio flat you really can’t afford. Above all else, never hand over any money before you have seen a property – unless it’s a university run hall – and always ensure you read every word of a contract before signing (no matter how tedious that may be).

Pickard are very experienced when it comes to placing first years and we are also Unipol Code Golden Owners which should give you some reassurance that we are a respected Student Landlord. Our Student houses have as Standard Free Wifi and all the safety Standards expected as a Unipol code landlord. We have plenty of student houses and will always ensure students are placed with students in House Shares – after all we want you to enjoy a good social life in Leeds too.

It might seem like your social life will be all but over if you don’t get a place in halls which is not the case in any way, shape or form there is life beyond university halls. You have your course, sports teams and any other societies you might care to join to make friends. Pickard pride ourselves in making your living experience in Leeds and from start to end an enjoyable one when it comes to your student accommodation. We have plenty of Rooms in shared houses and the rents are inclusive of bills so no need to worry there.

Unless you have a practically unlimited budget, student living is always an exercise in compromise. University Halls can be expensive and renting rooms in houses is always generally less expensive plus you will have a heads up renting outside of halls going into your second year. You have to balance practicality, quality and the potential to have fun, all whilst staying within your financial means. You’re not going to have it all, but as long as you tick a couple of your most important boxes, you will still have an amazing time.

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